Sunday, April 17, 2011

Batman is alive and well and living in Chicago!

I haven't done much stitching this weekend because on Friday Tom and I drove to Chicago to spend some time with Batman and his family.  (We got home at 1am this morning.  This was a very short trip indeed.)

I knew that we would be spending most of our time playing with Batman.  I had told our daughter that I would need to get some hints on what to do.  She assured me that wouldn't be necessary--Batman would tell us what to do.  And he certainly did!!
Batman dying Easter eggs with his grandfather
Batman and the fireman/doctor on the Batmobile

Yikes!  Batman has fallen off the Batmobile and must use his Bat Rope to get to safety!
Batman contemplating his next move

AT LAST some quiet time for Robin, Batman, and the fireman/doctor.  They, along with Batgirl and Superman, had been very busy fighting fires, riding in the Batmobile, and rescuing each other when they fell off the Batmobile and got injured.  Some of them even rode wooden horses for a bit.

Hmm--ready to play some more?


Margaret said...

Oh good heavens! What a cutie he is! And what an imagination too! Glad you got to hang out with the batman for a while!

Mouse said...

ohhh wow that sounds like fun hope you've recovered now ... :) love mouse xxxx

Teresa said...

That's the cutest Batman I have seen!
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Bertie said...

Wow Ellen, Batman is growing so fast, and a very beautiful one at that:)) great you had such a wonderful time:))

Jean said...

my goodness how he has grown,even though it was a short visit, it is always precious.