Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tomorrow's the day!

Thank you to everyone who entered my give-away by leaving comments on the With My Needle Facebook page.  It was so fun to read the comments.  I only wish that I had enough Miss Trenner's Special Editions to give to all of you.

I've numbered all the comments (and I've also removed last names although they still appear on the Facebook page).  Tomorrow using a random number generator I'll pick a number and announce the winner on Facebook.  Good luck to all who entered the give-away.

I thought perhaps you might like to read the comments that were posted, so here they are.

  1. Becky--I love the hornbook project. We did it as a group project and everyone picked different colors.
  2. Julie--I love Mrs. Waddelow's Huswife.
  3. Trisha--I'll start! ES's Floral Sampler is my very favorite design!
  4. Cheryl --Family Ties- so hard to pick just one!
  5. Karen--Mrs. waddelows huswif. But hard to pick just one.
  6. Sherre--My favorite would be "Kind and True."
  7. Michele--being a red girl and a lover of baskets my favorite is Mrs. Waddelow's Needlework Basket.
  8. Thomasina--I love the hornbook project. Done this through Legacy BB online. Love that I choose to do both charts... One on each side. Thank you Ellen,Thomasina
  9. Ruth Ann--It's so hard to pick just one, but right now i'd have to say "Quaker Turtles" is my favorite.
  10. Kat--I love kind and true also!
  11. Holly--Ellen, to pick one of your beautiful projects as my favorite would be like trying to decide which painting of DaVinci's I liked best! It's impossible! I love-LOVE them all!
  12. Gretchen--Mrs. Waddelow's Needlework Basket is my favorite!
  13. Donna--Quaker Sampling I is my favorite - I really like all the Quaker patterns.
  14. Pamela--I really enjoyed stitching the Petite Carnet d'Ouvrages, but do love all your designs.
  15. Carole--Quaker Samplings - I love the design and it was fun stitch.
  16. Marion-- It's very hard to just pick one...but I'd say the Quaker Turtles! I am in Canada, if that's a problem...
  17. Cathie--I have to say the Quaker Turtles are my favorite (but My Favorite Things Sewing Basket comes in as a very close second).
  18. Pam--My favorite is Fruit of the Vine Sampler, class was amazing.
  19. Bev--Seems to be a favorite - Quaker Turtles for me, too.
  20. Sandy--One of my favorite pieces is a piece that you taught for Ms. Trenner's getaway weekend - A Needleworker's Sampler Huswif and second place is Fruit of the Vine Sampler Huswife!
  21. Lori--I really like "with a pleasant thought". You have such style, keep up the great work! Thank you for having a contest & good luck to everyone.
  22. Delania--There are too many to pick just one - I love your designs.
  23. Marcia--Needleworkers Sampler Huswif. I was part of a class where you taught that in Dubuque IA a couple years ago. I decided to frame it. I absolutely love it - the colors are beautiful. But I love your hornbooks, too. It's hard to pick a favorite!
  24. Jenny--Oh wow I have to pick one....well without even looking I have to say the Quaker Turtles...I love those little guys! I actually just came across that UFO the other day and got it out to work on it! And I would love to have one of those reject boxes!!
  25. Christy--Ackworth Friendship Book was my favorite to stitch. I'm still coveting Long May She Wave :-)
  26. Peggy--I have to choose? Adorn Thy Heart, Blairgowrie, Quaker Samplers, etc. I guess I could say today my favorite is Blairgowrie. Tomorrow Adorn They Heart....
  27. Patricia--Just got my first WMN last year, but have to say I loved the hornbook for groups done with my EGA group. I learned I can stitch over one on 32 count. I've bought 2 more designs of WMN . it is sorta "on my list" of favorites I buy from now.
  28. Vicki--Love Quaker 3, stitched that for my brother and sister in law--- beautiful done one over one...Now doing Mrs. Waddelow---I have barely started it, but I love, love ,love it!!!
  29. Karen--Though I don't have it, yet, my favorite would be the Fruit of the Vines Sampler.
  30. Teresa--Oh that's easy it's An Emblem of Love especially since I just finished it for my parents 50th wedding anniversary! They both love it as well.
  31. Arlene--My all time favorite is at this point is the Fruit of the Vine Sampler Huswif, but that could change, depending on your future designs.
  32. Darlene--It's gotta be Mrs. Waddelow's huswif for sure.
  33. Anna--I love Family Record Samplers. It's on my wishlist. I have done Within My Heart Sewing Case for a friend. Thank you for your beautiful designs. Kiss from Italy
  34. Ingela--I really like the Quaker Schoolgirl Needle Necessities but really hard to pick one.
  35. Pam--A Multiplication Table Examplar is one of my very favorites.
  36. Katie--It is difficult to choose just one because they all are really so lovely. Adorn Thy Heart resides in my stash and so I hope to stitch it some day, so I guess I will make it my favorite.
  37. Martha--My favorites are Star of Wonder ornament, Blairgowrie, Quaker samplings, bunnies in the garden- hard to choose just one. Thanks.
  38. Anne--That's way too hard to choose just one ... perhaps Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif ... but then let's not forgot Quaker Schoolgirl Needle Necessities ... and what about Quaker Friendship Book? ... and ...
  39. Sheila--To hard to choose a favorite, I do like the small pieces like the pin cubes.
  40. From the Heart~Needleart by Wendy Quaker Needlework Treasures, it's what I'm working on right now.
  41. Marjan--Ackworth friendship book as it reminds me of being at Ackworth and I stitched it with my favourite needlework friends initials. It can take me back to that time and place when I look at it.
  42. Ine--I love the borders in "Adorn thy heart" but I also like your quakers and the "ES Floral Sampler".
  43. Karen--Quaker Turtles! I don't know why they're my faves -- probably because they're so cute and samplery all at once.
  44. Christina--I just picked up Ada Mary Hornsey and like it very much!
  45. Denise--Love the Quaker Turtles! Thank you for the chance to win!
  46. Lili--so hard... well I love the Within My Heart Sewing Case :) thanks for the chance. nice weekend.
  47. Lisa--This is a tough question as there are several that I absolutely love. I would have to say my favorite is the Ackworth Friendship Book. I was browsing through designs at a needlework shop (while on vacation) and it took me about 10 seconds as to whether or not to buy it. And yes, I bought it!
  48. Jacqueline--My fav is the Quaker Hornbook class...love that I actually finished it with your great instructions!!
  49. Margie--It's hard to pick just one. I have completed several designs and have even more in my stash. But since I'm pressed, Quaker Hornbook. I did mine over one in blue and it's beautiful.
  50. Patricia--My favorite WMN design is Mrs. Waddelow's Needlework Basket - but that said I love all of your designs.
  51. Margaret--Oh my gosh, my favorite design? It's so hard to say! But I may have to go with Agnes Scott. She caught my eye from the first and I still love her. I need to stitch her too! There are so many beautiful designs though. Congratulations on 1000 people!
  52. Sally--Congratulations on the 1,000 mark. My favorite design is the Within My Heart sewing case.
  53. Susan--My favorite WMN design is Ackworth Friendship Book
  54. Karen-- ‎'My favorite stitching things' basket is a favorite WMN design. I love all the baskets, containers and needlebook type patterns! Lots of things to store my scissors and other stitching tools in!
  55. Betsey--My favorite, that is hard. How about a pair of pin cubes? It is in my next up to be stitched so for the moment that is my favorite design.
  56. Rebecca--Oh, I guess I left my post on the wrong page, please forgive me. I am not very good at this facebook navigation. But looks like I got it now. I do really like your quaker turtles design, also like the Mrs. Waddelow's. I really can't say which is my all time favorite, I just like everything you do. That's why I would love to have Miss Trenner's box set. Thanks and keep up the great designing.
  57. Kathy--So many wonderful designs to choose from! I think I'd have to say my favorite would be the Alphabet Samplings Book. Now that could change tomorrow if I were to post again but I won't. Thanks for the opportunity to enter to win the box set!
  58. Isabel--I love so much Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy ....
  59. Barbara--I absolutely love the Quaker Sampling II and I am getting to like the samplers using one color....love your designs and hope to be entered in your giveaway
  60. Kim--Pleas enter me in your wonderful giveaway and Adorn Thy Heart is my favorite :)\
  61. Ann--My favorite is Family Record Sampler. I've done this for 3 nieces. Once I did the first it was asked as a baby shower gift for the next two. Thanks for a great design.
  62. Pamela--Thanks for the giveaway. My fav WMN is Quaker Turtles. So hard to choose a favorite.
  63. Zeena--I love so many of the designs. Favorites are the Quaker alphabet, Mrs. Waddelows, All the different sewing sets and baskets. Long May She Wave, which I took in class. And love all your charts, with such clear instructions, and history.
  64. Sylvia--I love your Hornbook Examplar - I saw a model of it in a shop in Paris and totally fell in love. The shop owner used some very cute mother of pearl buttons to finish the hornbook, I bought those so I could recreate the look at home. If people have not seen this one in real life, they have no idea what a sweet & beautiful piece this is.
  65. Phyllis--My favorite design is My Treasures Sewing Case. I have stitched this and love how it turned out. All your designs are great and there are a few more I would like to stitch.


Bertie said...

Oh I can see some friends I know lol-) unfortunately I had to stop with Facebook (to many funny requests) but hope you will be doing a blog giveaway too:))

Babs in Alabama said...

I don't do facebook, but wouldn't have entered anyway...I own almost all your designs, having stitched almost none. But to pick a favorite would be impossible..Quaker Samplings because dd stitchied it for me. Today it's Blairgowrie because I hadn't seen it and GOT to have it :) Also had never seen Paradise Lost and will get it if still available. So, there you go...every body loves 'em all :)