Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lots and lots of "eye candy" for you to enjoy from the needleworkers at Fobbles!

I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos from my classes at Fobbles in Gubbergill, in the western part of the Lake District in Great Britain.  I took so many photos that I'll split them up over several blog postings.

First is an outside view of Fobbles. The window on the right is in the classroom, which is adjacent to the shop.  In a few days I'll share some photos of the inside of this lovely needlework shop.

Today I'm sharing with you photos of some of the needlework pieces the ladies brought to show me.  What a marvelous array of projects!!  I was thrilled to see so many lovely works in person.  I'm only sorry that I neglected to take photos of all of the pieces.  Please accept my apologies if I missed taking a photo of your needlework.

Here are the projects I photographed. 

First are some Quaker Hornbooks.  On the left is Barbara R.'s version. Barbara stitched the second design in the package as a needlebook and attached it to her hornbook. How clever! On the right is Judith H.'s Quaker Hornbook. Judith chose the over-one-linen-thread version.  Judith and Barbara both live in Preston.

Here I am with Sylvie R. She lives in the southeastern seaport village of Deal. (Yikes on my hair--it was rainy and very windy everyday, and I had forgotten that day take to bring my hairbrush.) Sylvie is holding her Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif, and I'm holding her Mrs. Waddelow's Needlework Basket and accessories. What a beautiful job Sylvie did with both her stitching and her assembly!

Here is a better view of Sylvie's lovely workmanship.

 Next is Elsie M.'s lovely version of A Fair Maiden's Etui.  Elsie lives in Lytham.

And now look at the inside of Elsie's etui!

Somehow I neglected to get a photo of  Elsie's My Needle's Worke Box. I'm so sorry. Perhaps she'll send me a photo to share with you.

Elsie and her daughter, Janet E. of Freckleton, who I have known for quite a few years, were in all three of the classes.  On Saturday, Janet's daughter, Lucy W. of Preston, was in class along with her mother and grandmother.  It was so wonderful to have the three generations together!

Here is the outside of Lucy's Quaker Schoolgirl Needle Necessities.

And here is an inside view of Lucy's case. I wish that the photo better showed the luscious green thread and lining Lucy chose.

Lucy also stitched A Fair Maiden's Etui like her grandmother did, but sadly I neglected to take a photo of it.

And here is Elaine E. of Blackburn with her version of Mrs. Waddelow's Huswif. Elaine stitched her case on a larger count linen than I used on my model, which made her huswif quite a bit larger than mine and able to hold lots of her needlework "goodies".

Now wait until you see what Elaine did to the inside of her huswif. She completely changed it by putting a pocket at either end and a rectangular pincushion in the middle. Elaine also added a scissors weight and case using motifs based on the huswif design.  I love it when stitchers make their own creative changes and additions!

Here is another view with Elaine's huswif turned sideways.  Can you see the pincushion in the center?  Elaine told me she made it the way she did so her huswif can rest on her stitching armchair with the pincushion on the top and a pocket on either side.

And last, but certainly not least, are lots of "goodies" from Sandra C. of North Yorkshire.  I think I've shown most of them on my blog before, but I asked Sandra if I could photograph them together. The projects in the next  photo are her Quaker Ornaments from four of the Just CrossStitch Christmas issues, Maidens of the Sea, Crown and Needle Etui, Acorn Sampler Sewing Case, Flowers for Lily, and Busy Bee Sewing Case (to which Sandra added an extra little piece).

Perhaps you remember seeing Sandra's An Emblem of Love previously on my blog. Sandra stitched this for her parents' 60th wedding anniversary in 2010. She chose the lovely thread and frame colors because they match the carpet in her parents' living room. 

Thank you, ladies, for bringing your needlework pieces for me to see.  I'm looking forward to seeing other projects, including your class projects!  Please send me photos.  I'd love to see your accomplishments!  I know others would also enjoy seeing your work.


Mouse said...

ohh they are all so wonderful :) gorgeous work by every one :) thanks for sharing .. very inspiring :)love mouse xxxx

Nancy said...

Eye candy for sure! It looks and sounds like you had such an enjoyable time. Thanks for sharing the photos of the beautiful stitching and finishing!

April Mechelle said...

Beautiful Stitching ! I can't wait to see inside Fobble!!!

Jules said...

An absolutely beautiful assortment of stitched pieces! Kudos to all of the ladies for their hard work and allowing you to share photos with us!!

Margaret said...

Fantastic! It must be thrilling for you to see what needlewomen do with your designs. They're all wonderful!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Wow... what gorgeous stitching and finishing. You must be so proud to see your designs completed.

marly said...

Your post title says it all! Thanks for sharing - wonderful inspiring projects!

Just Me and My shadow said...

Oh I am so excited to see these Ellen as I knew my friend Sandra was attending and am really glad to have this little insight into the class. Love that old building and what wonderful stitching has been done by all these ladies. Looking forward to seeing more.

Sheila said...

How lovely to see so many different colours and interpretations of your designs :)

Patty C. said...

These are all incredible !!!

woolwoman said...

Ellen - it was wonderful getting your reports from England - I bet you are having a wonderful time and oh my oh my - the fabulous projects you showed - awesome! Thanks Melody