Friday, May 20, 2011

More from Fobbles

It was about two years ago that Beverly Trembath, who owns Fobbles, and I first discussed my teaching at her shop. Beverly had sent me a photo, and I had assumed that the shop was located on the street of a village.  You can imagine my surprise to find it is actually located in a barn on a farm in the beautiful country side of Cumbria.  What a beautiful setting!

Although Beverly's shop is small in footage, it is full of goodies!  There are needlework items going from floor to ceiling and filling every nook and cranny.  Fobbles' specialties are cross stitch, quilting, and beading.  Here is Beverly, with her lovely smile, at the end of the day cutting fabric for a customer.

Beverly had prepared nice gift packets for all of the class participants and also for me.  Look at the wonderful wooden pins she had made!  What a treasured memento!  I love mine!

In the adjacent classroom was a display of With My Needle charts and some of the  finished projects brought in by the class participants.

I taught three classes over four days at Fobbles.  Many of the attendees were in all three classes.  At the end of the final day, I asked if I could take some photos of them.  They graciously indulged me.  I just wish that I had taken some photos on the previous days of both the needleworkers and their progress in class.

Here are Diane, Ann, and Elsie.  Diane lives in Australia and coincidentally had planned a trip to Great Britain the same time as my classes.  She came with her friend Sandra C.from Yorkshire, whose beautiful work you saw in my last blog post. 

Next to Diane is Ann.  Ann brought her Miss Trenner's Needlework Academy which is in progress.  Once that is completed, she hopes to work on My Favorite Things Stitching Basket.  And on the far right is Elsie whose work you saw a few days ago.  Some how I missed getting a photo of Sandra C. and Janet who were also seated at this table.

Here are Judith, Elaine, and Laura at the end of the day.  Elaine is still working.  I'm not sure what the topic of conversation was, but it looks like they were certainly enjoying themselves.

And here are Helen, Irene, and Barbara.

Next are Karoline, Lesley, and Christina. I had met Karoline and Lesley and some of the other ladies a few years ago at the first Ackworth Needlework seminar. After the class was over Karoline's husband brought over their two small children, Rosie and Christopher who are about the same ages as my two grandsons. Rosie and Christopher have the biggest blue eyes I've ever seen.

And here are Sandra S., Sylvie, Judith, and Elaine about ready to pack up and head home.  It looks like Sylvie is having one final cup of tea before she "hits the road".

By no you have probably noticed the beautiful quilts on the walls of the shop and the classroom.  Most of the ladies in my Fobbles classes are also avid quilters.  Many of them left on Wednesday to head south for a big quilt show and more fun together.

Before I headed back to the Bay Horse B and B in nearby Ravenglass for the evening someone took a photo of Jen, Beverly, and me.  I think the blue bag in the lower right hand corner of the photo is my shopping bag.  Among other things I found some lovely fabrics, including one that is a very strong possibility for lining my new project, A Quaker Worke Box.

After the last class, Beverly took me to see her church in Irton. I'll show some photos soon of the church including photos of some of the exquisite embroidered banners.


Margaret said...

Nice! I'd love to visit Fobbles someday. It looks so wonderful, and the setting! Idyllic!

Giovanna said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures!

Bertie said...

Wow, the class must have been so good Ellen, and how lovely to see so many familiar faces!! Hello ladies who I know!! Glad to hear you and the class had a fabulous time:))

Jan said...

Lovely to see again some of the very friendly and helpful ladies I met at Munster. Elaine in particular took me under her wing as a newbie and I still use the lovely and paractical bag I won from Helen at the swapsies !!!

Karoline said...

Great photo's Ellen. I had a fantastic time and it was good to catch up with everyone.