Monday, September 26, 2011

Carol spends time in San Antonio with her Friends in Stitches

How thrilled I was to learn that Carol B. of Baltimore, Maryland would attend my Friends in Stitches class last year in San Antonio!  I first met Carol when I taught several years ago for Rae Iverson at her Stitchers' Gathering in Louisville, Kentucky.  Over the years Carol and I have become friends, but unfortunately we don't see each other as often as I would like.

Carol recently sent me photos of her completed Friends in Stitches project.  She wrote, I actually was able to purchase "Friends in Stitches" as an “Away Swan” several years ago but it ended up in the “to do someday” pile. “Someday” arrived in July 2010 when I was invited by some of my dearest friends to come and stitch with them and you in San Antonio. I’ve always enjoyed stitching your designs, and with a chance to visit with my friends, this trip to San Antonio in July was a “no brainer”.

Once I got started on the stitching in class, it was hard to put down. I loved all of the specialty stitches and just a small taste of each of them was great. The project is a quick stitch once started so probably within 2 weeks of returning to Baltimore I had the piece stitched and ready for finishing. Finishing though took much longer – not to do the actual finishing itself, but to get around to doing it.

All of my friends know that I put off finishing as long as possible! This project was no different! Finally after reading through all of the instructions several times, I just sat down and tackled it! Ellen’s directions are so good – if you follow them step by step the finishing is a piece of cake! I am so pleased that the set is now done! It is a wonderful addition to my collection.

Thanks Ellen for such a fabulous piece, and thanks to my Texas friends for inviting me to come stitch with you!

Here is the front of Carol's sewing case.

And here is the back which is designed like a small sampler.
It is personalized with the name of the event and the class date.

This shows both the front and the back of Carol's case.

This is the inside with a pincushion on one side and a divided pocket on the other side.
The next three photos are a bit blurry, but I'm including them so you can see Carol's needlebook.

Carol's name may sound familiar to my regular blog readers because she has completed quite a few of my designs.  Just type "Carol B" in the Search This Blog box on the left side of this page to see more of her beautiful work.  

Before long, I think I'll be able to show you her Work'd Pocketbook, the piece with all those queen stitches!  Carol has told me she has completed all the stitching.  How's it going with the assembly, Carol?

Friends in Stitches is a class project and is not available as a retail project.


Laurie in Iowa said...

Carol's finished project looks fabulous. TFS

Kathy Ellen said...

This is a beautiful piece and Carol's work reflects her needlework expertise, stitched into every fiber! It is just lovely!

DonnaTN said...

Carol's finished piece is just beautiful! You'd never guess she was finish procrastinator.