Thursday, September 22, 2011

Tying up loose ends

Thank you to everyone who has left comments over the past few weeks.  I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to respond to all of them.  I truly appreciate every single one--more than you can possibly know!  Thank you! 

I'm going to use today's blog post to follow up on previous postings and comments.

First, here are a few more photos from our weekend with our grandsons and their parents.  The photos I showed a few days ago were collages I made using Picassa.  The portrait studio where we went took 92 photos.  From those we chose the best ones to purchase. The studio gave us a cd with all 92 photos to do with as we please.  The photos on the cd were uncropped and are in  low resolution and are not suitable for printing, but they were perfect for my collages.

Here are a couple of the photos we chose to purchase.  In reality, they look better than these images color wise and the way they are cropped. I took these images off the cd.  (For example, the top of little Garrett's head is not really cut off in the photos we bought of him.)

Since we couldn't get a good photo of the two boys together, we had the studio put individual photos of the two boys in one composite photo.  We chose the first photo (from above) of each of the boys, and it looks like they are facing each other.  The bracelet on Haiden's right arm is the one they put on him a couple of weeks ago when Tom and I took him to Entertrainment Junction.  He doesn't want to take it off.

Someone asked about a whole family photo.  Yes, we got one of those also--I just didn't show it to you.  If you think it was hard getting our two little ones by themselves, try getting them with six adults.

After lunch and before going to the birthday party, Haiden wanted to play Batman.  By now, most of you know that is one of his favorite activities.  However, he chose someone new to play Robin other than his mother, Tom, or me.  (You may remember that various people get to be Robin, but we always have the same Batman.)

Do you see Robin in the background?  The cape was a bit too big for him.

Look who got recruited to be Robin.

Thank you for all your notes about my Elizabeth Mears sampler and my huge frogging experience.  "She" is now with my framer.  The frame was already assembled the first time around, and I've even already paid for it.  Perhaps that was part of my motivation for not procrastinating any longer on getting her fixed.  My counting mistake was too big and would be too obvious once the sampler is framed not to have been fixed.

Also, thank you for all the notes about yesterday's copyright infringement report on EBay.  I guess that like most of you I'm amazed at the acts of some people.  We reported the incident to EBay so they can take action.  I would like to ask the seller what on earth was she thinking?  Sadly, copyright infringements are multiplying like rabbits.

Ine asked if we have considered making note cards using With My Needle images.  I must admit Tom has been trying to encourage me to do some for years, and I haven't investigated.  I want good quality at an affordable price, and then there is packaging.  Perhaps I'll seriously look into this once I get out the charts for my Quaker Needlework Box and the Hannah Cummins reproduction sampler.  Both models are completed, and the rough directions and charts are done, but there's still a lot more to do.  Wish us luck!

Again, thank you very much for spending a part of your busy day with me.


Mouse said...

awwww what a cute robin bless his cotton socks .... love the other photos and that you "managed " to get one of them with the two together ... and good idea with the notelets .. that way you will win :) love mouse xxxx

Margaret said...

Now that's a cute Robin! Batman isn't bad either. lol! Love the pics you chose of the boys. I sure hope the whole note thing works out. It's a good idea also for you to make some on your own, but it also sounds difficult to get good quality. Good luck!

Kelly said...

The pictures of the boy's are adorable.

Cindy said...

The pics are so cute. Sounds like its a better day than yesterday.